Teachers & Education: Beyond The Virus

Covid-19 is devastating our education system which has already struggled to provide a relevant education in an increasingly technological world, or do so in a way that would give an equal opportunity to all of our children. We have taken our children’s social identities away, we’ve taken away their security, and we have put their education on hold. My own daughter who has dedicated every day, aspiring to becoming the best band leader that she can be, will sit day after day wondering if all her hard work will ever continue. What can any of us as parents and teachers do but move forward? But we have to truly move forward.

It’s been made very clear that there is an endless amount of trillions of dollars available for the right reasons, but only if it isn’t us deciding what those reasons are. Every child in America should have the same opportunities while experiencing their education, in a safe state-of-the-art facility.

Our children need to be educated and ready to face the world that we will inevitably pass off to them. To maintain on a path of teaching our younger generations to memorize and obey, is to doom them to a future lacking the creativity needed to tackle the challenges that they will undoubtedly face, very soon.

Educators from around the country should be at the forefront of revolutionizing a federally funded Pre-K – 14 (levels 13-14 designated higher education credits) curriculum, with an emphasis on different learning styles and abilities.

The mental health of our teachers is crucial. Each day they stand before 20-30 children who at any given time might be experiencing abuse, hunger, divorce, behavior problems, learning disabilities, and any number of things that pop out on a daily basis. When our teachers go home from each hard day, they shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll be able to pay the rent or mortgage. Our teachers are leaving the profession in droves because our politicians have not fought for their needs, and what we should all see as their rights. Our educators are our future and should: receive no less than 4X the national poverty level ($12,760 X 4= $51,040 minimum), receive vouchers to cover all medical costs (at the least), and have the facilities, resources, and staff, including enough counselors per student (based on research and professional recommendations), needed to be able to effectively teach our children.

There’s nothing more important than giving our children the best chance at life that we can possibly offer. Their education should be represented in the form of a committee, in The House of Representatives, with salaried seats occupied by educators, chosen by educators, and this committee should have the ability, through cooperation with at least one (voting) congressional sponsor, to propose legislation. Only educators should decide how to teach our children.

Let’s revolutionize our education system now.

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